Professional Profile



I lead work with health-related organizations to integrate social marketing and health communication into health program development.  Due to my broad public health experience with multiple agencies I am often asked to lead strategic planning efforts for overall organizational change efforts.

My firm has been engaged to develop brands for government and nonprofit health organizations and programs, such as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, CDC, and most recently a teen dating violence project for California.  These projects have all required public and partner input within highly political arenas. I have managed messaging projects using issue framing, such as the guide for CDC’s NCHHSTP national plan for sexual health. My work frequently includes analysis and strategy for online communication tools. I have provided strategic planning and communication operations advice to organizations, such as CDC's DASH, Traveler’s Health, and Global Health Management Program.


Kirby Marketing Solutions, Inc. (Current) - President
I conduct and oversee formative, process, and outcome audience evaluation.  I am also highly experienced at using wide range of evaluation techniques, including focus groups, online surveys, social media surveys, in-depth interviews, secondary datasets, and literature reviews. I have executed or supervised literature and environmental scans for numerous communication and public health planning projects. I am well known for qualitative evaluation that delves into the rich and deep understandings of why people do what they do. I work closely with clients to develop logic models that explain how they anticipate program outcomes will occur to ensure there is a sound marketing and behavioral science framework to the plan.

In organizational or program planning I use a variety of strategic plannig tools including small group facilitation, SpeedStorming, SWOT analysis, and other analytic and group decision making tools to provide group input for executive decision making.

In my role as President I am responsible for marketing KMS, creating collaborative relationships with other contractors, managing customer relationships, identifying new and emerging practices, and managing all costs of the firm. I have over 25 years of senior level experience in public health project management, evaluation research, and marketing and communication campaign and message planning and development.

Emory University - School of Public Health (August 1993 - September 2000)
I taught a Social Marketing course for Emory University School of Public Health for four years and participated in the development of a coalition between Emory University, Fulton County Health Department, and a local community to develop a capacity building and health promotion program in a local community.

The University of South Carolina (July 1991 - May 1993)
Project Director - Best Chance Network - a free breast and cervical cancer screening project I supervised three community organizers, two graduate assistants, and an administrative clerk. I was responsible for all marketing research, branding, marketing strategy, and materials development for the project.



Dr.P.H. University of South Carolina Oct. 1993 - (School of Public Health)

MPH University of South Carolina Dec. 1990 - (School of Public Health)

BSBA - Marketing University of Alabama (Huntsville) May 1979



Over ten years of private sector experience in developing new businesses, marketing of products, services, and businesses to a wide range of clientele, managing staff and projects in both the private and government sectors, and developing community mobilization efforts.



Social Marketing Quarterly - Editorial Board

SOPHE - Membership and Marketing Committee



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