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Kirby Marketing Solutions was founded by Susan D. Kirby, Dr. PH, MPH, and is dedicated to providing clients with research-driven insights, strategic market intelligence, and innovative marketing and organizational solutions. Dr. Kirby works closely with a number of other consultants to provide a range of services. What we do best includes audience and stakeholder intelligence; integrated marketing communications, and implementation strategies; insight branding; and organizational or program strategy.

We work together with our clients.  We want to hear what you have to say.  That can often save a lot of time and money.  It helps us leverage your dollars and builds your capacity for long-term success. We select our consulting team based specifically on the needs of our clients.  We want to bring you the best and most fitting expertise for your project. Our consultants bring you the specialized skills and knowledge that can advise and guide projects, while you benefit from the strategic and efficient use of their time.  When we bid a senior level professional on a project you will see that person on your project, day in and day out.

We fully understand the challenges and issues that our clients face while trying to create and implement marketing campaigns, and organizational or programmatic changes in the public health world. We have helped federal and other government organizations, foundations, businesses, and nonprofit organizations meet those challenges and exceed their goals. Click on the links below to learn more about our founding innovator, Susan D. Kirby or to learn more about some of our best work.

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Susan Kirby

Susan D. Kirby
Founding Innovator